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Tuscan Resort


The main aim of Badia di Pomaio is to offer the opportunity to relax and leave behind all the problems. At Badia di Pomaio, guests will feel right at home and finally rediscover the energy of nature inside themselves.

Passion for hospitality

Badia di Pomaio was a remarkable monastery, funded in 1645. It went through a comprehensive renovation, which lasted over two years and ended in Summer 2019. Many local artisans, artists and producers worked for this project, creating a unique mix of tradition, modernity and elegance. The contemporary design is mixed with the original monastic elements of the building –wood-beams, arched ceilings, ancient brickworks.

Today, Badia di Pomaio is a Boutique Hotel where nature, history and design come together. True love and appreciation for guests are the secrets of Badia di Pomaio’s philosophy of hospitality.

Where comfort meets design

The perfect place for those who love design and nature.
A seamless combination of simplicity, elegance and modernity where you can feel right at home and experience the profound energy of the monastery.

Let nature soothe your soul

Perched high on the mountainside, Badia di Pomaio, Hotel in Tuscany enjoys a breath-taking view of the region’s gently rolling hills and of the city of Arezzo. You can bask in the stunning view from every corner of the hotel, but especially from the heated infinity pool.

Organic, Ecological, Biological

One of the ways in which Badia di Pomaio creates a unique hospitality experience is by embracing a 0-Km philosophy.

We cultivate and produce as much of our own food as possible. This ensures all the dishes we serve at the restaurant are made with fresh and seasonal products. Most importantly, it means we’re able to control their quality in terms of health: as we don’t employ harmful pesticides, but only natural and biological medicines, everything you eat here is beneficial and nourishing.
We have an estensive vegetable garden, hundreds of olive trees, beehives and a small bio farm with chickens and goats.

What we cannot grow on our own, we buy from local producers. This seemingly small action cuts down on transport pollution and also supports our community.


Restaurant Campo Badia is a delightfully charming and elegant corner of our hotel. It’s here that food lovers can gather to discover our authentic Italian menu, savour each-other’s company and relax in the capable hands of our attentive staff. At Campo Badia, guests can choose between two separate spaces: the Terrace or a comfortable indoor room.


In the heart of Tuscany

Today, it’s your turn to be captivated and seduced by Tuscany’s stunning landmarks: let them lovingly lead you to the discovery of our cultural and natural heritage. By staying at Badia di Pomaio, you will be able to discover Arezzo and everything Tuscany has to offer. At the end of your day, the resort will be here to welcome you back for a relaxing evening.


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