Life of bees and honey production in Tuscany

We produce honey two or three times a year, with different flavours. Wildflowers are always a must, but our honey production also makes great use of the many chestnut trees that grow in the woods around the property.


Not far from the bio farm, concealed by vegetation and cocooned in the comforting sounds of nature, Badia di Pomaio’s bees work tirelessly to produce the fragrant honey our guests love to try.

Badia di Pomaio is deeply aware of the environmental importance of bees and we are proud to do our part in safeguarding their habitats. As further support to our bees – and our forest in general – we planted over one thousand plants, from trees to bushes to flowers. 

Thanks to our hard work, we get to enjoy a healthy 0-Km organic honey.



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