Cooking classes

Take the secrets of Italy’s culinary traditions with you

Why are Italian Cooking classes so popular? It’s not simply a matter of good food and the right atmosphere: it’s the fact that food is the essence of Italian culture; more than anything, it represents our way of life. Our traditional recipes have survived through centuries of history and change, evolving and adapting, but never losing their soul. To truly understand Italian culture, you must first understand the fundamental role that food and conviviality play in it.

If you’ve always dreamt of discovering the secrets of Italian and Tuscan culture, there is only one thing you can do: join our  collaborators in Arezzo or Cortona for Italian Cooking Classes.

Learn to prepare different kinds of traditional pasta and sauces using only the freshest ingredients offered by our land. At the end of your Italian Cooking Class, enjoy the fruits of your hard work with a glass of good wine.



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