Farm experience

Dive into the life of a typical Tuscan farmer

The bio farm is one of Badia di Pomaio’s latest – and proudest – projects and a harmonious addition to our already environment-friendly estate. It was created with two main goals in mind: to provide the kitchen with fresh milk and free-range eggs and to give the animals we adopted a better chance at life. In our bio farm, they are free to roam and explore, safe from harm. They are not raised for the table, but rather as beloved pets.

Immerse yourself in the genuine scents and tastes our grandparents grew up with. By interacting with the animals in our bio farm, you won’t just make new and precious friends: you will also learn all you need to know about their needs and their routine. You can prepare their food, feed them and change the hay.

Afterwards, try your hand at goat milking or take part in the preparation of our fresh cheese.



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