Wine tasting in tuscany

A journey through the flavours of Tuscan wines

Of the many things Tuscany is famous for, wine tasting tours certainly hold a special place. The wine production differs a lot from zone to zone, giving life to a multitude of different flavours and scents. Because of this, we truly believe that Tuscany has a wine for everybody, but if you really can’t call yourself a “wine-lover”, you can still enjoy the view of the endless vineyards and the good food.

Italy’s favourable climate, rich soil and the passion and dedication of her winemakers are the key to the creation of our harmonious and famous wines. For our wine cellar, we selected the best of Italy’s and Tuscany’s labels. Some of them came from world-renowned wineries, others from small, local producers.


Uncover the many faces of Chianti. As you taste four Chianti wines, originating from different areas of production, you will notice how they all have their own original flavours and scents. Observe how the peculiarities of the soil, the passing of the years and a change in recipe influence Chianti wines, giving each of them a wholly individual essence.


According to numerous theories, the Sangiovese grape originated in Roman times, or perhaps even during the Etruscan period. Today, it’s the most widespread grape in Tuscany and the base of many diverse wines. With this wine tasting, you will explore how one variety of grape can give life to a multitude of wines simply through the differences in land, soil and techniques. 

Mystery of pairing

Wine pairing is a delicate art; a fragile but exquisite balance between distinctive and often even contrasting flavours. Through the help of four wines and three simple, traditional ingredients of Italian cuisine – Olive Oil, Parmigiano and balsamic vinegar – you will learn the secrets of a perfect wine pairing.

Natural, biodynamic and organic wines

Interest for the culture of natural, biodynamic and organic wines is on the rise, both in Italy and in the rest of the world. It represents the ecological approach to vinification, ruled by the love for the land and for nature. Taste four different wines and discover flavours and scents you never imagined could exist. At the end of the wine tasting, you will have fallen in love with this philosophy of vinification.



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