Bike tours

Conquer your freedom astride a bike

There is nothing better than a bike tour to recharge yourself, keep active and uncover the secrets of nature. 

Discover the magic of the Tuscan countryside with a bike tour! Let the awe-inspiring cultural and natural treasures of this corner of Tuscany captivate you.  

Take advantage of the many trails that surround the hotel: some are quite hard, while others are easy and relaxing. You can explore the uncontaminated nature of the mountain or reach the city of Arezzo for a more soothing ride. If you would like a more in depth exploration of the surrounding areas, we would be happy to organize a bike tour with an expert guide.

Choose your preferred bike: 

E Bikes: The new way of cycling. E-bikes allow everyone, even not trained or novice riders, to tackle arduous or long distance trails through the use of assisted propulsion. It’s a more relaxing way to ride the bicycle and discover the territory around Badia di Pomaio. 

Mountain Bikes: Mountain bikers are always on the lookout for tough climbs and descents, as well as trails through the woods to enjoy nature. Around Badia di Pomaio, up to the mountaintop of Alpe di Poti, you will find many such trails, with different levels of difficulty. 

Gravel bikes: Gravel roads in Tuscany are so well preserved and charming that many riders come from all over the world to explore them. Gravel bikes allow you to ride through the different surfaces you can find around Badia di Pomaio, such as tarmac, light trails, dirt paths. 

Downhill: reach the top of the mountain just above Badia di Pomaio to find even a downhill/free ride trail. 

Tuscan retro bike races – if you want to be part of and revive the passion for the “heroic cycling”, stay at Badia di Pomaio and reach all the tracks easily.  

L’Ardita (April 18, 2021): Every year, hundreds of vintage bicycles take part in this historical race. The riders set off from Arezzo’s main square, ride through the city’s narrow medieval streets, cross the Buriano Bridge (famous for having been depicted by Leonardo Da Vinci in the ‘Gioconda’) and finish at the Alpe di Poti, the mountain above Badia di Pomaio.  

L’intrepida (October 2021): A historical retro race that passes through Val Tiberina and Anghiari (roughly 30 minutes from Badia di Pomaio). The bikers ride through the land of the famous battle of Anghiari, protagonist of Leonardo da Vinci’s homonymous lost painting. 

L’Eroica- (1-hour drive from Badia di Pomaio): The most important vintage cycling race in Italy (and maybe in the world). It takes place in Gaiole in Chianti in October (3 October 2021). The bikers ride through the Chianti vineyards and woods, go past castles and ancient hamlets. Eroica Montalcino, which will take place on the 30th May 2021, brings cyclist around the beautiful and iconic hills of Valdorcia, in the heart of Tuscany.



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