truffle hunting

Find the Jewel of the forest

Truffle hunting is a time-honoured tradition in Tuscany, dating back to the Ancient Romans (who ascribed powerful aphrodisiac qualities to truffles). Amongst the many culinary fruits of this fertile land, truffles are certainly considered a delicacy and are more than worth all the hard work it takes to find them. The hunt for truffles keeps the truly dedicated occupied almost all year round. From January to March, they search for the dark winter truffle. In March and April, it’s time for the tan truffle, while from June to November it’s the turn of the summer truffle. The prized white truffle can be found almost exclusively in September.

Follow the expert truffle hunters into their sacred hunting grounds and learn all there is to know about truffles. The forest does not give up her secrets easily, but with the guidance of truffle hunters and the invaluable help of hunting dogs, you will uncover many of these delicious earthly jewels. The success of this activity is rooted in the delicate balance between the will of Mother Nature and the solid collaboration of humans and dogs. At the end of the day, you won’t just have learned something new about truffle and its many uses in the kitchen, but also about your relationship with nature and with the other creatures that share this earth with us.  



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