Where traditions allow contemporary inspirations

We wish for our guests to be constantly surprised by the variety of flavours and scents that come out of our kitchen and amazed by what can be created with just the right combination of elements. At the heart of all our dishes are the freshest ingredients offered by our land, all of them local and many of them grown directly on our own vegetable garden and selected personally by our Executive chef.


At the restaurant Campo Badia, guests can choose between two separate spaces: the Terrace or a comfortable indoor room.

Guests dining in the interior space can enjoy the sight of the chef preparing their dishes through the kitchen’s wide window. The experience becomes especially inviting on windy or rainy days, when there is nothing else to do but cozy up with a good glass of wine and rest


Stepping through the door, guests will walk straight into the Terrace, nestled against the side of the building and cradled lovingly by the blooming garden. It’s a sunny and lively spot, perfect for those who wish to be encompassed by nature every moment of the day. 

The dazzling view of the forest and of the Chianti hills will be the picturesque background of your light lunches and flavourful dinners.


Our sommelier Mario Giunti carefully selected wines that represent Italy, with a particular attention towards Tuscany, in an endeavour to bring to you the best products of the commitment of our winemakers.

This selection of organic, biodynamic and natural wines, together with our dishes, will take you on an extraordinary gastronomic journey through the history of Tuscan cuisine and turn the simple act of eating into an immersive and vivid experience.


Underneath the glass ceiling of the Bar Serra, guests gather to relax and share an aperitif with their family and friends. Everything within this room was designed to offer guests the maximum of comfort. The soft jute and linen used for the sofa and armchair are a clear call-back to Tuscany’s agricultural heritage and the suffused lights create a warm and tranquil atmosphere. It’s the perfect spot to unwind and kick back after a day spent exploring Tuscany. 


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Restaurant will re-open on April 21, 2023.

    We gladly welcome guests from 8 years old at our restaurant.