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The purpose of Badia di Pomaio, Hotel in Tuscany is to give guests those rare moments in life that touch eternity. Enjoy the freedom of living in this former abbey. Sit by the pool and let the tranquillity of the woods soothe your soul. From the abbey, the countryside stretches as far as the eye can reach, instilling a sense of serenity and belonging. In this quiet corner of the Tuscan countryside, only minutes away from Arezzo, you can find your real self and finally become a part of nature.

Badia di Pomaio, Hotel in Tuscany underwent a comprehensive renovation that lasted over two years and ended in June 2019, when the hotel first opened its doors. Italian architect Ilaria Miani, who worked alongside local artisans, artists and producers, was deeply inspired by the work of Piero della Francesca. His influence is especially evident in the simple lines and in the clever use of perspective, which guests can observe in every room and in all the common spaces.

Perhaps the most crucial staples of this project were the respect for the history and essence of Badia di Pomaio and the use of natural, sustainable materials, such as wood, stone and linen. The polished contemporary design of this hotel in Tuscany merges elegantly with the building’s exposed wood-beams, its arched ceilings and its striking brickwork.

Today, the first thing guests will see upon stepping into the abbey is the embrasure on the wall opposite the doorway. When the sunlight hits it, it casts a cross over the floor.

The choir, where the monks once gathered to sing and pray, and where the altar stood, is now the conference room. Its tables and armchairs are set in a circle to elicit that same atmosphere of solidarity and partnership that they shared. The arched ceilings, the old-style fountain and the ancient wooden statue of the Madonna, patron of the abbey, perfectly preserved within a niche along the stone stairways, bring back to life the aura of conviviality and fraternity that sets monasteries apart from the rest of the world.

Perched high on the mountainside, Badia di Pomaio, Hotel in Tuscany enjoys a breath-taking view of the region’s gently rolling hills and of the city of Arezzo. You can bask in the stunning view from every corner of the hotel and especially from the heated infinity pool, which enjoys a secluded and favourable position on the edge of the hill.

The extensive grounds merge smoothly with the surrounding forest, enhancing the hotel’s naturally ethereal atmosphere and giving guests the impression of stepping into a different world. Within the property, a culinary garden grows bigger and richer every year. It’s the source of most of the fresh vegetables and fruits the chef and his team use in the kitchen.

Tucked away in a tranquil corner of the gardens, Badia di Pomaio’s goats and chickens lead a happy and placid life in their organic and sustainable farm. They are raised as pets, not food, and provide all the milk and eggs the kitchen needs. Not far, the honeybees, other essential members of the Badia di Pomaio family, work dutifully to produce their sweet honey.


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