Sustainable renovation

The greatest challenge during the renovation process was, perhaps, building something that would withstand the passage of time without proving harmful to the native flora and fauna.

Recycling became the name of the game.
Our main source of material was Badia di Pomaio itself.

There was no need to replace foundations and stones that had stood for centuries when a bit of tender loving care was all they needed to shine again (and to be safe for us and our guests).

The building was gutted and emptied: every loose piece of stone and wood that could be salvaged was relocated and given new purpose.

The many local artisans and artists who collaborated on this project brought to the table not only their considerable expertise and experience, but also their own local materials, from the concrete used for the ground floors to the wood for the parquet in the rooms. Likewise, the handcrafted furniture and most of the décor were produced locally and made entirely from natural material such as stone, wood, linen and hemp.