When the Vallombrosani monks first arrived in this place, the peace and spirituality they found here inspired them to build a home where their order could prosper. Centuries later, Badia di Pomaio once again awakened the fire of ingenuity within the many artisans and artists working within its walls, giving life to something new and unexpected. Today, this 5-stars hotel isn’t simply a place where guests can relax, but also a source of inspiration and creativity.

Every morning, as the sun rises over the sleepy countryside, at least a couple of guests can be found meditating or practicing Yoga by the swimming pool or in the dew-kissed gardens. Others relax underneath the shades of the tall chestnut trees with a book, taking full advantage of the quiet to lose themselves into different worlds.

Rayk Goetze, who is an incredibly talented artist, was our guest recently and he truly left his mark on Badia di Pomaio and on the heart of every member of the staff. We believe that he really managed to connect with the nature around us and to understand its primordial energy better than anybody else did. He was deeply touched and inspired by the vitality of the woods, of the gardens and of the thriving countryside surrounding Badia di Pomaio. Every day, in the early morning, he would take a stroll through the organic garden before settling in the lounge to sketch, a steaming cup of coffee or cappuccino his only company. It was in those moments, apparently so simple and yet so striking, that he truly embodied the peaceful essence and ethereal soul of Badia di Pomaio.

At the end of his stay, he created a breath-taking painting of our roses. Not only did he immortalize their essence and their energy for all of eternity, but he also showed us a side of the nature we see every day that we had never really appreciated before, proving to us once more that we always have something to learn from our guests.

We were truly honoured to have Mr Goetze as our guest. His experience at Badia di Pomaio taught us that this ancient monastery can give all of us the spark and the energy necessary to pursue our hopes and aspirations. Here our guests can immerse themselves in the peace and quiet they would never be able to find in the city and dive into their dreams fully.