Badia di Pomaio – The essence of Tuscany

Badia di Pomaio is the perfect place for those who wish to spend their dream vacation in the heart of Tuscany. Imagine a drive through the thriving countryside, on roads lined by fields of sunflowers, and peaceful strolls along the cobblestoned alleys of small, colourful towns. At the end of a long and fulfilling day, the resort will welcome you back for a relaxing swim under the sunset and an aperitif in the gardens.


How old is Badia di Pomaio? The true origins of this building are still an enigma, even today, but we know that it’s far older than what the official history would’ve us think. In 2019, during the renovation, we unearthed hidden walls and caved-in tunnels, traces of a life almost erased by time. It’s quite probable that this place was actually built during the Middle Ages.

The history of Badia di Pomaio officially starts in the 17th century, more precisely in 1645, when two monks of the Vallombrosani order founded the monastery. Under their guide, Badia di Pomaio became not only an agricultural and religious centre, but also a point of reference for the citizens of Arezzo.

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and the monastery was abandoned an undetermined amount of time later. Slowly but surely, nature took over again, covering the traces of human passage and hiding the stones of the building under a thick layer of ivy. It wouldn’t be until 2019 that the ethereal beauty of this place would once again be revealed to the world with the official opening of Boutique Hotel Badia di Pomaio.

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Immersed in the peace and quiet of nature, Boutique Hotel Badia di Pomaio in Tuscany is a perfect mix of tradition and modernity. It was under renovation for over two years and first opened its doors in 2019, thanks to the hard work of many local artisans, artists and producers.

The sleek contemporary design of this hotel in Tuscany merges flawlessly with its exposed wood-beams, its arched ceilings and its stunning brickwork. The décor, composed of a variety of designed and traditional objects handpicked all over Europe, gives the hotel a sense of casual elegance and refined mystery. 


Just a few minutes’ drive from Badia di Pomaio rises the quaint city of Arezzo, one of Tuscany’s undiscovered jewels. While rather small, Arezzo is rich in history and art, having been home to many famous personalities.

The archaeological museum offers delightful glimpses into the Etruscan and Roman origins of the city, while traces of its medieval history can be found in every road and in every building. But the most prosperous period for Arezzo was, without a doubt, the Renaissance. Numerous artists left their mark on the city during those years – chiefs amongst them Piero della Francesca and Giorgio Vasari.

The real crown jewel of Arezzo, though, is its main square, Piazza Grande. Renowned for its peculiar trapezoidal shape, Piazza Grande is surrounded by typical restaurants and shops and was once the set of Benigni’s Oscar-winning movie, “Life is Beautiful”.


Badia di Pomaio is located near Arezzo, in the bucolic heart of Tuscany. Its favourable position is also one of its best features. In one hour or less, you can reach many of Tuscany’s most important cities and towns, like Florence, Siena, Cortona, Pienza and Montepulciano.

These places are more than just beautiful vacation spots you find in every itinerary: they are, all in their own way, the custodians of Italian and Tuscan culture. Their rich history, art and architecture span centuries and narrate to us the tales of the people who breathed life into and revolutionized this region.


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