Water has always held a special place in the hearts of Pomaio’s inhabitants. Long before Badia di Pomaio was built, life in the mountain centred around the pagan cult of water. The spring at the mountain’s topmost point was considered miraculous, in particular for its ability to heal illnesses.

Though water isn’t worshipped anymore as it was in centuries past, we at Badia di Pomaio still take the protection of our reserves seriously. We have our own well, from which both the hotel and the restaurant receive the water they need. It’s naturally filtered and free of chemicals and, as such, healthier for the ecosystem and for us, as well.

We are also always careful to consider our impact on groundwater reserves: our water is stored, reused and disposed of in ways that aim to preserve our natural resources.

As high up the mountain as we are and so surrounded by woods, humidity can be a problem and cause damage to buildings, especially old ones such as ours. We turned it into an opportunity. We collect it using a dehumidifier and the ditch dug around the building and we use it as irrigation.