Sustainable F&B

Not just the hotel of Badia di Pomaio, but the restaurant as well plays a huge part in safeguarding our environment.

Our cuisine is closely tied to the gastronomical culture of our country in general and of our region in particular. We believe that the preservation of the rich heritage and history of Italy should be part of our commitment to protect our environment. To this end, we exclusively use biological products either cultivated by ourselves within our territory or bought from small, local producers.

Badia di Pomaio has an extensive vegetable garden. During the years since the opening, it has only grown richer and now houses many different varieties of vegetables, fruits and aromatic herbs, all of them strictly pesticides-free. In the kitchen, our products are flavoured with our own Olive Oil, obtained from the harvesting of the over three-hundreds olive trees we planted.

But every fresh, biological dish needs a suitable wine.

Our cellar is filled with prestigious wines – some of them come from world-renowned wineries, other from smaller producers: most of them are biodynamic and organic wines, to best represent the new ecological approach to vinification on the rise in Italy.

Vegetables and fruits aren’t the only foods we produce ourselves. We also have a small, biological farm, with about forty chickens of different breeds and four goats. The animals are not raised for the table: they produce free-range eggs and fresh milk, from which we make our own cheese and yoghurt.