One of the most pressing issues of first world countries is the enormous amount of preventable food waste that we produce. It’s primarily a social and economic problem – as wasting food means wasting natural resources that could be better used – but it has environmental implications, as well.

Unused food ends up in the landfill and produces methane, which means it’s a source of pollution.

To minimize such problem, Badia di Pomaio uses suitable food waste from its restaurant to feed our chickens and goats. The remaining waste is converted into biological fertilizer and used for our vegetable garden.

We eliminated all unnecessary and environmentally harmful products from the hotel. We use recycled plastic, but only when it’s not possible to replace it with other materials, as is the case with our re-usable straws made of bamboo.

A local artist made all our plates by hand, using only natural, biodegradable products and environmentally conscious techniques, some of which date back to Roman or even Etruscan times. Likewise, we bought all the glasses and utensils from local producers, cutting down on the impacts of car travel.